CS-Cart requires JavaScript & other pre-sales issues

This should be enough to convince you but if it is’nt I answered a few of your questions:


#1: 99.9% of people have javascript enabled, I would’nt worry about those who don’t.

#2 their is a growing aftermarket community of mods and addons at CS that are all FREE, you won’t find dirtbags like boomboombap and fireballs ripping off a free community resource by trying to sell mods, we’ve coded a Newest Products and a Testimonials mods all FREE for download in the forums, you’d have to pay almost $100 from the dirtballs over at X for these mods, there not here because they can’t rip anyone off here.

#3 you can hack the code all you want and it’s much cleaner and easier to understand than X-Craap

#4 everyone knows CS is a young company that’s bringing new and more intuitive and innovative ideas to e-commerce. The code is written better, cleaner and faster ect…there not alot of excess code bloat written by a bunch of novices…

on a side note and from my own personnal experiences the developers of CS listen and respond to requests from the forum community, we (the forum community) along with CS have been instrumental in making CS the top performer in e-commerce applications and what is coming in the next release is a testiment to what CS stands for…the absolute best choice in e-commerce software period

in addition:

the true story behind the deceptive practices of X-craap, I’ll get straight to the point X-craap stole over $400+ in my X-craap licenses for no apparent reason, they banned me from ther forums and banned me from downloading newer versions of my X-craap software, they lied and give no legitmate reason or proof of why the banned and took my licenses away. the reason I post this is because i’m not the only one, there are a handful of users here that have been banned and ripped off by x-craap…I don’t say CS is better then X-craap because i’m resentful but because it is the honest truth, it’s a happy little community here at CS and you won’t find any bend out of shape and upset customers as you do at the X, the choice is clear, toss the tylenol and choose CS…