Cs Cart Remote Mysql Server

Hi There I am currently installing CS Cart using IIS as the web server and I am using a remote server for the sql database and am getting the errors "cannot connect to database" and "MySQL settings are not valid" I am using the correct user and password for the sql server as well as the database and my MySQL server host is *DNS/SQLEXPRESS can anyone please help me how to correctly figure out how to install cs cart using a remote server. I also know that the permissions are all set correctly because I have used this same remote sql server for the database for other websites using Nopcommerce

Thank you

Hugo Page

You either have authentication credential issues that are preventing you from connecting and/or permission issues that are preventing you from accessing contents.

Given you have a "cannot connect" error, I would guess that the credentials you are providing are invalid or that your DB is behind a firewall and your server is not whitelisted.

I have now installed mysql on the same machine as iis and have the server running correctly and privileges set and all credentials matching when i enter the details on the installation page and am still getting the same two errors

Im not sure what to do to get it working, please help

Thank you

If the error is a "connect" error then there are problems with your authentication. Triple check what's in config.local.php for db_name, db_server (should now be localhost) and db_pass.

IIS isn't really recommended for cs-cart but I'm assuming you have a business requirement for using it.