CS-Cart Professional Licence

Hi CS-Cart,

If i buy i CS-Cart Professional license now, i am able to update to 4.x?

If yes, to what version i will update because 4.x will be only multivendor and ultimate.

Thank You


I believe you get to upgrade for 1 year, so yes you will be able to upgrade to 4.x on that premise.

I also believe it will be a single licence for MV that you will be updating to, from reading other forum topics on the subject.


I am sure not to MV because of pricesing , MV = $590 per year, PRO = $345 why should let me upgrade to MV, i don't need MV

I think will update to Ultimate, but here also some price issues Ultimate = $650, almost double


Yes my msitake it is one licence for Ultimate not MV

I have life long subscriptions on 2 licences as I have been using this software like forever - just hope that all the hassle of updated to 4.x will be worthwhile as I have had so many problems updating to 3.0.6 from 2.2.5 that I am considering leaving it for quite a long time and running an offline version to test until I am happy all bugs are sorted - having said that so many bugs go unnoticed until a store is actually live I really don’t know what to do :(

if the year of updates is finished, can I upgrade to version 4 paying a bit more right?

You will have to “prolongate” your upgrade rights. Do it before V4 is released to save a few $$.

I currently have two 2.2.4 professional licenses with Lifetime Upgrade (from 2007 and 2008)

From what I understand from the posts is that I will be able to upgrade a 2.2.4 professional to 4.x Ultimate and maintain Lifetime Upgrade. I should be able to do this for each license.

However, I don't want two Ultimate carts, but would rather use both Professional Licenses in one Ultimate cart and still maintain Lifetime Upgrade.

Has this scenario been discussed? What is the ruling?