CS-Cart - please ensure that performance issues are sorted on next release

Update: the following is regarding accepting cards using the offline processor

CS-Cart - please ensure that performance issues are sorted on next release… these include:

  1. When customer makes payment the page just hangs but in the background the payment has been taken and an email has already been sent but the page does not change for the user or it goes to the placing the order screen and freezes saying Placing the order. Please be patient… . The user gets worried and then clicks on the make payment button again resulting in a double payment

    Okay so I just did a test payment on my live site to see what the user is experiencing, basically it goes to the Placing the order, please be patient screen and then after say 5 minutes it changes screen to show that the order has gone through…

  2. When adding product, the page hangs for me

    Any suggestion or can you please have these issues fixed for next release… I mean if a user cannot even complete and order properly then this is a show stopper for me…



I second that.

I wonder is this an isolated problem or is everyone using 2.1 having it?

This is everyone using 2.1.0. We’re all waiting on the bug fix version.

I think this incidents are rare. While testing the trial on my laptop running Ubuntu I did not face any such issue.

In version 2.1.0, we upgraded the cache functionality. The production speed was increased. But we found out that for some system configurations it does not work as expected and makes an unnecessary overload.

This issue will be fixed in the next release (2.1.1). Also, you can apply the patch manually.

Open this file: /core/fn.control.php

find the fn_addon_template_overrides function and replace it completely with this one

function fn_addon_template_overrides($resource_name, &$view)
static $init = false;

$o_name = 'template_overrides_' . AREA;
if ($init == false) {
Registry::register_cache($o_name, array(), CACHE_LEVEL_STATIC);

if (!Registry::is_exist($o_name)) {
$template_overrides = array();
foreach (Registry::get('addons') as $a => $_settings) {
$odir = $view->template_dir . '/addons/' . $a . '/overrides';
if (is_dir($odir)) {
$tpls = fn_get_dir_contents($odir, false, true, '', '', true);
foreach ($tpls as $k => $t) {
if (empty($template_overrides[md5($t)])) {
$template_overrides[md5($t)] = 'addons/' . $a . '/overrides/' . $t;

if (empty($template_overrides)) {
$template_overrides['plug'] = true;

Registry::set($o_name, $template_overrides);

$init = true;

return Registry::if_get($o_name . '.' . md5($resource_name), $resource_name);

Check the store speed again. It should work faster than 2.0.15.

Hope this helps… Found in another post!