CS Cart or Wordpress for Information Pages?

I was hoping someone could give me a little advice…

I've just launched a new site running CS Cart after struggling for years with Zen Cart. With the old Zen site I also installed Wordpress to help with SEO & because Zen was such a pain to do anything with. The SEO with Wordpress is second to none with almost every post I ever made showing in the top 10 of SERP's for very relevant keywords. The wordpress part is mainly intended to be an information site rather than a blog.

Having had this setup with the old site I was going to do the same thing with CS Cart. However although the old wordpress site performed well, actually converting people into purchasing was a rare occurance. I have played with wordpress & started to match the main styling & layout intending to make it look more like a page on the CS Cart part of the site to hopefully make it more obvious that I am a shop.

What I'm wondering though is if this is all a lot of messing around for little gain. Would I be better off just creating the information pages directly on CS Cart? Or is wordpress still best (SEO wise) for things like this?

I've no doubt that CS Cart will be better for SEO than Zen Cart was, I'm just not sure if it would be as good as Wordpress. But even if it's not would it be better if people 'landed' already in the cart?

Any advice will be hugely appreciated as I'm just going round in circles here!

Wordpress definitely beats cs-cart seo wise. Also it's just easier for writing posts, and because of the huge amount of plugins you can do just about anything you can think off. I'd keep it if I were you.

Wordpress: http://goo.gl/itOfW & http://goo.gl/WGesn

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