CS-Cart not responding !


My first question here !

I have been using CS-Cart for a while. Recently upgraded to latest version of CS-Cart and moved to a new VPS server (long story but I had no choice but to do that). The actual move and installation was done by an experienced web admin.

www.dieselsmoke.com - Main Page

www.dieselsmoke.com/store/ - CS-Cart Page

I have noticed recently that the CS-Cart stops working after a few days and I have to reset the server.

Has anyone experienced this before? Is it a problem with CS-Cart or is a an issue with the server (the main page of the website which not a cs-cart page seems to works fine). Also the PHP info of the server says it is running OK from the test.php (www.dieselsmoke.com/test.php)

What should I look for? Any help is appreciated!