Cs-Cart Multi-Vendor Not Very Intuitive

I just bought Multi-vendor. I've been using X-Cart Gold, Platinum multi-vendor and Magento for over 15 years. CS-cart does not seem to be very intuitive. I would've thought that entering the company contact info in settings would have automatically changed the company contact info in the contact block on the homepage. That does not appear to be the case. It looks like the contact info has to be changed manually in the block content and it is html. The banner slider on the homepage is equally non intuitive. I'm used to clicking on the banner slider in admin and uploading a banner and it's done. It seems a little confusing, maybe it will get better with time. But time is money and I've spent a lot of time on things like this that should take minutes to find.

Brands or manufactuters is really confusing. I see brands under features and see how it interacts with the brand slider on the homepage. But, there is no field for brand or manufacturer when creating a product.



Cs-cart is very flexible and dynamic product. For long term it best than all.

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