cs-cart multi vendor 3.0.6 location bug.


i have cs-cart multi vendor.

i have 3 shipment (EMS,USPS,TNT) all set by manually, and make location depend on wight.

so i set location like 1 zone,2zone , some of area is like china special (only for china), usa ems,canada ems

then i make different name of TNT too. like 1zone tnt,2zoen tnt , china special ems,

then i purchased product from A VENDOR who use USPS SHIPMENT.

then i put ADDRESS ““CHINA”” but happen ““sorry no shipment””

but this is not setting problem. i know well well well about setting.

so i disable location ( china specail ems ) ,then i tried. then USPS WORKS FOR CHINA.

when i set cost of shipping like USPS (yes ofcouse appear china specail ems) but i did not set anything of cost.

cuz it's for EMS location not USPS.

but if i make location with one country i think it make crash with other shipping method.

someone knows about this issue?

i solved this problem