Cs-Cart "modern Backend Theme"

Dear Friends!

We are glad to announce the release of our first backend theme "CS-Cart "Modern Backend Theme"!

Great value:

  • Beautifully styled
  • Custom theme for every store
  • Easily customisable
  • Easy pick

Backend Theme:

Theme includes:

  • 24 theme colors and offer unlimited color options because includes a color picker in the theme color update that allows you to easily change the color of elements.
  • 34 backgrounds and you can add unlimited
  • 26 fonts and you can add unlimited
  • 2 layouts design: boxed and wide

Compatible with: 4.0.x / 4.1.x / 4.2.x / 4.3.x / 4.4.x / 4.5.x / 4.6.x / 4.7.x / 4.8.x / 4.9.x / 4.10.x / 4.9.x
More details: [url="http://www.hungryweb.net/cs-cart-themes/modern-backend-theme.html"]http://www.hungryweb...kend-theme.html[/url]

Demo: [url="http://www.hungryweb.net/demo/admin.php"]hungryweb.net/demo/admin.php[/url]

Please feel free to ask any questions!

Best regards,

part of hungryweb.net

Looks great!


Really looking great!!!

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Looks great!


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Really looking great!!!


Thank you and I hope will be useful, for me for sure is because the backend i consider is like my desk, I like to arrange how I need in order to be more productive :D

Keep on smiling,


[color=#808080][size=2]part of hungryweb.net[/size][/color]

Looks great! Works great! and is very user friendly!!!

Thank you @florinsurdu

Awesome addon ! i’ve 2 shops and it’s very easy to know in which one we are. That’s avoiding a big mess, trust me ;)

and then, the developper is very kind and fast. I already hired him for many tasks.

and then i advice him and his addons.


[-] Upgrade Center is not available yet, but will be soon, is under testing, the script is done but require our server to be ready and also more testing to be done

Is the layout of the second photo changed too? I really liked this one.

Is the layout of the second photo changed too? I really liked this one.