CS-Cart Mobile Bug

I have a very weird bug when viewing my website on IPhone Safari browser sometimes I will see product images on category pages and product pages be replaced with a picture of the security captcha. What is supposed to be a picture of aproduct is a picture of the security captcha.

So far I have seen it in two places on categories and product pages at random

This has only happened on my IPhone Safari so far. But if i refresh it sometimes fixes itself it seems to be a random bug so far.

I just recently posted this issue to the help desk and CS-Cart told me it is a bug of IPhone Safari and I should get Twigmo. I would prefer to not use Twigmo and just have the site work. I have never seen a site have such an issue in IPhone Safari.

Is anyone else having this problem and has anyone discovered a solution to this issue?

No one has had this problem?