Cs Cart Licenses? How To Extend Upgrades Period?


Our CS Cart 1 year upgrades/updates time is about to expire (in Dec) and I'm looking to extend it for another year.

In the customer portal under licenses I dont see an option to extend it for the price shown on the website.

On the License information page it says:

CS-Cart (lifetime) $110 / storefront / year

However when I view available Licenses for purchase I only see these options:

CS-Cart Storefront License


List price: $295.00

Price: $245.00

This is a lot more than shown on the website and cant be the actual price for 1 year of updates?

Any suggestions?

As shown here:

[url=“Resources :: Upgrade Policy”]https://www.cs-cart.com/upgrade-policy.html[/url]

click the dropdown arrow and choose “prolongate”

Hope that helps