CS-Cart Installation Free

I have been asked a few times to help install CS-Cart and wondered if people generally need any help doing this? I don't mind doing it for free! I can get the entire store setup and hosted in either the US or UK and then hand a running store (with SSL if required) over to you, you just obviously pay for the hosting and SSL (if required)

Would this generally interest anyone?


great offer, im sure that will help newbies. Only 1 slight criticisim is that sometimes it is better for people to learn themselves along the way, but hey, great offer and Im sure you will help a lot of people

I just thought it may help a few people is all. Many people I have spoken with don't really know how to setup hosting and get the database setup and emails etc etc. At least if its all preinstalled the user interface can be used by most. I'll just ask for a PM then if someone does want their CS-Cart setup?


We would like you help if you can look at an install on a windows server. it runs so slow. CS-Cart say it is not their software, but a windows 2008 problem. Other sites on the server run FAST.