CS-Cart index.php causing overload on server - hosting suspended

I get about 200 hits a day and have never had an issue until a couple days ago. Here is what their ticket said, any info on how to corrected this would be appreciated. I have made no changes to it in the last year, then all of a sudden this becomes an issue. Thanks

Your account, or a portion or feature of it, has caused an overload on one of our servers. As you are on a shared hosting environment, we must maintain certain levels of performance for all customers on the server.This is monitored by us and we send these notifications out when we notice that a certain account is causing a load on the server degrading performance for everyone else.Your home folder was limited to FTP access only due to excessive CPU usage.

Your consumption of CPU resources:

cpu-min date

155,69 26.10.2012

Scripts that possibly perform a server overload:


Scripts were executed today

bin/php | c354581/xxxxxx.com/index.php (29662) cpu_min: 154.87, ram: 722443.0 MB, disk_read: 2.44 MB, disk_write: 4.19 MB.

/bin/bash | N/A (2) cpu_min: 0.00, ram: 2.14 MB, disk_read: 0.49 MB, disk_write: 0.67 MB.

/usr/bin/perl | N/A (1) cpu_min: 0.12, ram: 18.23 MB, disk_read: 1.28 MB, disk_write: 0.28 MB.


Scripts were executed yesterday

bin/php | c354581/xxxxxx.com/index.php (1749) cpu_min: 15.62, ram: 49564.77 MB, disk_read: 4.4 MB, disk_write: 4.96 MB.

/bin/bash | N/A (2) cpu_min: 0.00, ram: 2.14 MB, disk_read: 0.48 MB, disk_write: 0.66 MB.

/usr/bin/perl | N/A (1) cpu_min: 0.13, ram: 18.18 MB, disk_read: 1.3 MB, disk_write: 0.27 MB.

It looks as though they are using suPHP on that box, which by default requires a substantial amount of CPU per process (security container).

The slow queries log which chewed up 50GB should be looked at as I assume your installation is broken significantly.

Thanks. I have changed nothing in the last 6 months hehe, not sure how it would of got all screwed up. Just wondering, im on 2.2.4…would upgrading to 2.2.5 fix a messed up install of 2.2.4? Thanks

If you are adamant that you've changed nothing, and your host magically pulled this numbers - It's either an up-sell opportunity for them, they have otherwise overloaded the server with accounts OR it's CS-Cart database requiring repair/review.

Request a copy of the slow queries log and run the query itself via phpmyadmin and gauge the results, if they are under 2 seconds each then you know that your host is pulling these values magically. Any experienced server administrator wouldn't allow php to run for anything longer than two minutes - The exception being experienced developers requiring higher values during upgrade time etc.

From today I have had the same problem with the same host. Have you solved the problem. I have no idea what to do.

Please Help!!!

Nope, IX I assume? First one they sent me said something about robots causing it, second one did not mention robots. So I just made a file to block ALL robots. Its been a couple days now and have heard nothing from them.

It seems like we both have the same problem at the same time from the same host. I wonder if this problem is not with the software or Hostgator themselves.

This might help, they send me this now


I have granted restricted access to your IP address. Please update us with what type of changes you have made and where we can see that they were made using as much detail as possible. Once we have verified that effective changes have been made, we will be able to restore access to your site.

Just because you haven't logged on to the site in a bit does not mean that internal changes and growth can not happen. Looking at the cscart_stat_banners_log the entries span from Sun Jun 24 02:58:56 CDT 2012 to Sun Oct 28 16:42:58 CDT 2012, with 985087 entries. My suggestion would be to get rid of anything before October.

THe entriest in cscart_stat_requests span a similar range Thu Jun 7 23:37:38 CDT 2012 to Sun Oct 28 16:42:56 CDT 2012, with 218427. The same solution I believe can be applied to this table as well.

The issue is a combination of the queries and the table schema, which is a combination of the column's and the indexes on the table.

Reducing the size of the tables will help in reducing issues with the server.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Have a wonderful day.

Best Wishes,[list]



Well, I told them I was going to be switching servers unless there is something they can do about it. Then I get a message from them stating that “everything now looks fine”.

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Well, I told them I was going to be switching servers unless there is something they can do about it. Then I get a message from them stating that “everything now looks fine”.


I guess there wasn't really a problem now.

Hi, parodius420!

You can consider using a monitoring service to be informed about the state of your server environment and avoid situations like this one in the future.

Shopping Cart Diagnostics online service can provide you with data concerning your server characteristics.

Good luck!

I'm having these same issues and I'm on hostgator. Serveral times they have shut down our site due to cs cart using 100% of cpu. I have never had this server resource problem with hostgator before and I've hosted dozens of Joomla, wordpress, and x-cart sites on their servers. I wonder if cs cart is a resource hog? We have latest version and have not made any significant mods other than css style changes. Also, we turned on mobi, the mobile template plugin, but that's about it. Nothing unusual.

I am having this issue since yesterday and im on Eukhost VPS. Index file is consuming way too many resources causing the entire website to be very slow and the admin panel is almost virtually inaccessible. I must mention that my average daily visitors are around 1200 but the load was handled fine before yesterday…the problem started yesterday…is there a solution to this problem?

I have a client who is having similar issues. I have tested on Go Daddy .com , Zyma.com and Heart Internet and get very similar slow results with the index.php page. I`m wondering if this is a CS CART issue? My client is based in the UK so I use UK Go Daddy and Heart Internet and Zyma for small ecommerce sites (startups etc)

Is anyone here experiencing CPU load issues with CS-Cart 3.0.4? We have been shut down five times this week at Host Gator

HI all there seems to be an issue with index.php creating high server CPU loads. Would be helpful if CS Cart Team would chime in on this as there are loads of us having the same isse

Thanks for confirming that others are experiencing this, I thought I was going nuts.

Today, I'm having to lease a dedicated server to attempt keep my clients site up. I'm eagerly waiting for some input on this one.

HI there Raceteam45,

I had the same issues with one of my clients. I have now leased a VPS and moved some sites onto it. The CPU issues is not as bad but then shared hosting is fine for Pro Edition its not good at all for Multi Vendor or Ultimate.

Yes news on this would be great.

Any server without decent CPU, running suPHP is going to have high 'index.php' server load - this is normal as these boxes are designed for wordpress or similar scripts running with low traffic numbers. It's not a CS-Cart issue, rather the box is the issue.

This is no different than blaming a car manufacturer for the road conditions that your new vehicle encounters.

I'm also running on a Hostgator VPS, Ultimate ver 3.0.3. I've experienced an Apache shutdown several times since the holiday season started. Is that what you meant by server shutdown?