CS-CART having probelms with correct response from ePDQ system

Hi there,

I have a problem with the ePDQ integration. The store is sending the correct data to the ePDQ CPI (all form fields are filled in with correct user and order data), and also ePDQ is processing the card payment and sending the correct responses, BUT CS-CART always gives a failed ordernotification to the user.

ePDQ sends out its own email to the user to inform them about the status of their order, and no matter whether this states that the order has been succesful, CS-CART always shows a failed order respons, i.e:

Method: Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, etc...)

Order status: Failed

Payment processor response: Success

I have read elsewhere in the forums that I should remove /index.php from the 'ALLOWED URL in the CPI configuration system, as currently it is set to [url]http://www.mysite.com/index.php[/url], does anyone know if this is in fact correct?

I also see in anothers thread, that there is a fix issued by CS-CART for the ePDQ system. Is this something that is available upon request, or do I need to purchase support points to get this matter resolved? (My intial support points have run out as it has taken nearly 15 months for the client to decide upon their Payment Processor and then get me to integrate it)

If anyone has encountered this problem as well, and knows how to fix it, or as mentioned by poster BarryH, been provided with a fix from CS-CART, any advice or help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Dear Drakash,

Please try replacing the following part of the code:


$post[] = “oid=”.(($order_info[‘repaid’]) ? ($order_id .‘'. $order_info[‘repaid’]) : $order_id) . ‘-’ . fn_date_format(time(), '%H%M_%S’);


with this one:


$post[] = “oid=”.(($order_info[‘repaid’]) ? ($order_id .‘'. $order_info[‘repaid’]) : $order_id) . '’ . fn_date_format(time(), ‘%H_%M_%S’);


in the “epdq.php” file located in the “payments” directory of your CS-Cart installation.

If it does not help you, please contact our support team via Customer Help Desk.