Cs Cart Has Improved And I Am Happy With It

From version one I have used CS cart and in the old days there were shall we politely say growing pains and challenges with service and bugs...

Now I find that the support service has improved and is faster, less bugs and more features.

Currently I need a new website and I have been considering Woocommerce and Magento - community.

Magento has lots of features and more worldwide support but is not user friendly...

Woocommerce is supposed to be user friendly but needs external plugins for many basic features - example:

To have invoice numbers in order you need a plugin.

To have multiple shipping methods with different prices you need a plugin.

In the end Woocommerce is not free for me.

CS Cart still needs to be more user friendly and a few more features such as Stripe by default as a payment gateway and easy drag and drop type design and email features.

But I will use CS Cart for my new project, and I am happy to use CS cart.

Hi, I am a new Cs-Cart user. We are currently running a markeplace based on magento CE 1.9. Magento is very powerful and you can find basically a solution for everything. Lots of resources around too. The Marketplace is an extension. This makes upading somwahat more complex. As M1.9 has reached its end of life, we were looking for a new solution. WooCommerce (Dokan) was an option, also using again Magento Ver. 2. In the end we decided to go with CS-Cart MV. Not an easy decision as I got to know Magento quite well over time and with CS-Cart I have to get used to a new system. But...

After using it two weeks I am impressed about the good documentation. It gets you going quite quickly!

I also tested functionalities such as Backup and Upgrades. An important aspect when choosing a new system as it can save a lot of hassles. It worked quite good and it was easier to accomplish compared to Magento.

So I there is alot of work ahead for me to get to know CS-Cart better, but given the first impression, it seems a do-able task!