Cs-Cart Google Snippets Are Not Working, Please Help!


We purchased the Google Rich Snippets from Alt-team and for some reason they are not showing up from Google. Under the Google Search Console it shows "We did not find any structured data for rich cards on your website."

I added the add-on around 4 months ago and still no changes for my products, please let me know what 's going on as I have purchased a non working add-on from Alt-team called Google Rich Snippets add-on.


Wouldn't it be best to contact Alt-team in this regard since they are the vendor of the addon you purchased?

Google reports the exact same thing to me and I'm using a different addon to enhance Structured Data.

If you click thru the Other Resources menu and select the Structured Data Testing Tool, Enter one of your product's URLs and run the test; you'll see that there is in fact Structured Data on your product page.
Google isn't showing any of the data in search results either. None of my friends or competitors who used to have the Structured Data show up in the search results are displayed either: No price, no stock, no reviews, nothing. It's not just CS-Cart.

I'm wondering if Google requires us to implement the Structured Data for Rich Cards to get any results?

Or, it's now only used in Google's Ads. I see the ads are all displaying the meta data.