CS-Cart Google Address AutoComplete

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We are thrilled to introduce a new addon “CS-Cart Google Address AutoComplete”.

Have you ever faced difficulty in typing lengthy addresses during checkout or profile updates? If so, this addon makes entering addresses much easier. CS-Cart Google Address AutoComplete allows store users to easily fill their address text field automatically. Users can choose a location manually or use the auto detector to find the exact location. This feature works when vendors register, customers check out, or profile editing. The addon is beneficial when users fill any complex address. It helps to quickly fill both shipping and billing addresses. Simply start typing your address, you will see suggestions to easily fill in the details. Address Autocomplete is faster, convenient, and accurate, making users happier and improving website interaction.

Why choose this addon?

The addon offers several important features that make it beneficial for users. Features include:

  • Use of the Google Places API key, a special code to easily find addresses.
  • This addon allows customers to auto-fill addresses to prevent errors and save typing time.
  • It provides the address autocomplete feature at the checkout and customer profile pages.
  • Country selection feature to limit address suggestions to specific countries.
  • Current location feature for automatic address suggestions based on the user’s current location.
  • Vendor account setting to allow vendors add addresses using Google Autocomplete.
  • Allow users to use auto location detection to search for exact nearby locations first.

Google address autocomplete at checkout page: Customers can use the address autocomplete in two ways: either by entering single character or digit to receive suggestions, or by using the detector for an accurate current address.

Enable settings to see this addon’s main functionality

Customer Profile edit by admin end: Admin can use Address Autocomplete to enter shipping address.

Address Autocomplete for Profile Details in Store: Store user can add their address using google address autocomplete addon with current location detector.

Add Address By Vendor at vendor panel: You can see address autocomplete work for vendor profile edit.

User Guide:

Learn more about CS-Cart Address AutoComplete Addon.


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CS-Cart, CS-Cart Multivendor,4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x,4.10.x,4.11.x,4.12.x,4.13.x,4.14.x,4.15.x,4.16.x,4.17.x**


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