Cs Cart Fualty Files

I paid for the new files and loaded them onto my hosting only to discover that the files are currupted somewhere and will not allow the checkout page to load. So, i wrote to CS Cart helpdesk asking for help.. to my surprise an automated message came back informing me that i have - $5 and unless i pay them $45 credit my message will not be seen by their tech support.

I should not be treated like this after paying for currupt files that i now cannot get my store to checkout. If CS Cart will not fix my files i will demand my money back. Why do i neet to pay them $45 to fix their own problems? I am not happy with their treatment of customers who have to pay for file upgrade and cannot sell because the checkout file will not load using any of the templates in the store.

I would appriciate if CS Cart can address this problem as i was sold currupt files and still been asked to fork out another $45 to fix a problem i did not create.

Sold corrupt files? how so,many of us use cs cart and I havent seen this before.

They are not really selling you files… you pay for a license and can download CS Cart from your account. It can happen that a download went corrupt. Just try downloading it again because for everyone else there’s not an issue.

Please make sure that your server meets CS-Cart requirements