CS-cart Free Version - Our Brand not working

hi there I am new to CS cart. I just installed the CS cart and selected free version. And then I wanna confirm that Is Our Brand working in the FREE Version? the adidas.html page not working too. it said not found. So, I wondering Is Our Brand ever works in FREE Version or I have to pay to use it? Many thanks

Brands are under “Features” and are included in the Free Version

I installed the cs cart

And our brand is working

Then I go admin panel and under licence

I select free

Because I am not going to buy licence at this stage

Once selected free version

Our brand no longer working

So I wanna confirm does our brand working for you in free mode?

How about trial mode? If it works on trial mode and not free mode, then it means brand feature is not available under free mode.

Yes when I first install

Its in trial mode and it works

Then once switch to free mode

Its stop working

Looks like everyone purchase here