CS-Cart Forums Fund Raising Category

I was easily sold on CS-Cart features and mostly the great forums community envolvement. I use the forums to gain knowledge on how to resolve an issues or to find out how to setup the cart. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to keep up with the postings on a daily or weekly basis. I ended up finding fund raising threads for new modules or module redesigns by accident.

I propose on making a main category solely for CS-Cart members who want to generate enough money to pay for an existing CS-Cart software development quote. Then each thread would contain the CS-Cart quote, brainstorming revision ideas, fund raising status and current development status. Maybe the admins should control starting out the first threads so that the number of threads are kept down to the bare minum and to identify the quotes as either new mods or redesigns. This thread would be basically be a software development donation shopping thread for us CS-Cart members. Making it easier to find, review, and check the status of software mods could help raise more money faster. We all want to make CS-Cart even better but we all have different priorities on these mods. Organizing the CS-Cart quotes funding could generate the bucks faster and save the quote oringators some bucks at the same time. I propose new forum main topics something like this:

CS-Cart Community Forums > CS-Cart > Wishlist & Future Requests (Preliminary Brainstorming before getting a CS-Cart quote)

CS-Cart Community Forums > CS-Cart > Quote Fund Raising > New Mods (for new modules)

CS-Cart Community Forums > CS-Cart > Quote Fund Raising > Mod Redesigns (for rewriting existing modules)

I really believe that if we better organize the quote fund raising that several of these will get funded. :slight_smile:

I approve it; I think that it could be a good idea for all CS-Cart customers.


this is a good idea but if we do it we need 1 place to go for everyone and a more organized way of doing it, example I can create a new cs store where as the products will be the mods we need and anyone can place an (donation) to whatever product (mod) they want, this will work good and I’m ready to do it however I hav’nt scene the participation we need to purchase some of the more complex modules that cost $600-$800 to have coded ect…