CS-Cart Forum broken, can't change avatar

I posted this in the off-topic forum, perhaps it was the wrong place for it to be seen. It’s a forum issue.

Whenever I submit the form from the avatar page it takes me to a blank page. Attempted in FF3.6 and Chrome 5

Since the page

[url]CS-Cart Community Forums

is blank, it’s probably generating a php error, but errors are turned off, so blank.

I want to change my avatar, or at least remove it!! Please fix the forum, I’ve been waiting a week.


Whats wrong with your current avatar :smiley:

I have a better one that’s more me. And my cheeks look a bit chubby, and I don’t like my smirk. I’m also looking down at the camera rather than up. I’m rather self critical if you couldn’t tell :lol:

My hair is also naturally very curly, and I have a load of gel in my hair slicking it back in that one.

Edit: This forum doesn’t accept images with GET parameters. bad forum… bad bad forum. beats forum with newspaper