cs-cart for offline orders as well?

i was wondering if people also use cs-cart for off-line

orders as well? (so, f.e. if your neigbor buys an item with you,

do you book it into cs-cart?)

i just want to know whether cs-cart can handle this very well,

and if so, how, if not, why? pro’s cons? Just to get an insight on this…


i actually do this quite often, we get alot of calls then take the order by phone and i make an order in the cart and set up the account.

hi lisa,

you say “quite often”, so presuming “not always”?

what do you do if not? i ask since what do you use as alternative?

Also others?


once or twice a week someone will order stuff by calling the store. the rest of the time they place the order on line. is that what you meant? we encourage the callers to order online.