Cs-cart Favicon on some pages

I noticed that a lot of pages are showing Cs-cart’s Favicon even though I have my own Favicon uploaded.
These are the pages where I am seeing Cs-cart’s favicon:
• Checkout page
• Wishlist page
• Comparison list
• Sign in page
• Registration page
• Pages and blogs

P.S I am using Unitheme 2 and my storefront is closed for maintenance.

Have you tried to check it in incognito mode?

This is happening only for administrators or vendors that previous login to admin / vendor panel, customers will not face this situation

Is this normal? I don’t want admins facing that.

Admins and vendors do see a lot of things differently in frontend because, well, they are admins - they do not supposed to be making purchases in frontend, and their job is to check for issues and fix them.

If you really want to fix that, you may need to hire a developer, but I don’t think it’s reallly worth it.

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Please feel free to update files from the following folder



PS: Right now are core files and on future upgrades might be overrided

You can use online favicon generators like : https://realfavicongenerator.net to generate some of the files


Thanks for suggesting that website. It was very helpful in generating the right favicon.

Although this has not changed the current situation - I can still see Cs-cart icons on the said pages even when I am viewing as a guest.