Cs Cart Devops Workflow And Addon Auto-Flip Script

[size=4]I've been working with CS Cart quite a bit these past few months, and I've got a couple of new blog posts regarding CS development that I wanted to share:[/size]


One of the biggest problems I’ve had in CS Cart development was remembering to disable and then re-enable any addons that had changes. The above has a script that can detect which addons have been changed (assuming you've got CSC under git control), and will build a stack of [size=4]the addons that need to be “flipped”, taking into account any dependencies. It uninstalls all those addons in the proper order, then re-installs them in the reverse order. If there’s a problem uninstalling an addon, it will immediately reverse the order to try and get back to the “known good” state. [/size][size=4]Very handy to help automate your devops workflow… [/size]

[size=4]And speaking of devops workflow:[/size]


[size=4]Just a discussion on my attempts to get a somewhat working local → staging → QA → production workflow using CS Cart.[/size]

[size=4]Happy to answer any questions… do you do something different? Would love to discuss![/size]

Hi heybige,

Thanks for the article. I think it can be very useful for others.

Can you please explain why do you need disable/enable modified add-ons?

To activate any changes in addon.xml (such as db queries), copy any files from themes_repository, etc.