Cs cart development guide manual pdf

Hello I’m new in CS Cart. Just want to ask if there’s a downloadable development guide manual for CS cart? I am developing an e-commerce site and I used this framework because I heard that it is more easier to learn than Magento. I hope that you can provide a pdf manual guide for developers. Because I am not always connected to the internet. That’s all thanks. And one more question how can I post a topic in developer’s corner? I dont have a button for Start new topic.

Everything you need can be found here, almost :)



I am using cs cart 4.3.1 multivendor and i want invoice pdf set up portrait to Landscape but i don't know how can we do this .

Actually I am a developer of cs cart and i have already developed an addon in which packing slip and invoice showing together in landscape but problem is that that addon I made on cs cart 3.0.6 mutivendor and as you know cs cart 3.0.6 using html2pdf codes and library files to convert tpl to pdf and there is scope of parameters to change portrait to Landscape. But now in cs cart 4.3.1 multivendor they used only Tygh/pdf.php file and inside that pdf.php file there “render” function which is responsible for pdf sizes and page sizes so problem is that I don’t know the name of parameter which I need to mention to change default page size to Landscape if you guys help me then I will create a new function that will only use for my addon and other pdf pages will not affect.

In above link nothing is mentioned about this. Can you guys help me…


There are some parameters like page_size, etc. They are used by Http::post method. You should add the following parameter there

"orientation" => "Landscape"