Cs-Cart Database Error


I'm trying to export all my products to a csv file but the export progress terminates at 148 from the 40,000 + items to export. Here is the error that shows up in my Administration > Log file.

[color=#333333]Database (error)[/color]

Error:[color=#333333] [/color][color=#333333]Column 'path' cannot be null (1048)[/color]

Query:[color=#333333] [/color][color=#333333]INSERT INTO cscart_seo_names (name, type, object_id, dispatch, lang_code, path, company_id) VALUES ('samsung-galaxy-player-5.0', 'p', 132, '', 'en', NULL, 1) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE name = 'samsung-galaxy-player-5.0', type = 'p', object_id = 132, dispatch = '', lang_code = 'en', path = NULL, company_id = 1[/color]

I checked my phpmyadmin cs-cart database and was not able to locate the samsung-galaxy-player-5.0 or the object-id by searching. Looks like the object id = 132 doesn't even exist but for some reason cs-cart shows up as an error.

I believe this product name was from the demo store that came with the CS-Cart.

Please help?


Your assumption is correct. Try searching for the object_id in the seo_names table for type 'p'. If you find it, delete the row.

Do you know the query code to perform to make the search?


I performed the search with the query information below:


FROM cscart_seo_names

WHERE type = 'p'

The results I received have 1,552 pages of object_id's.

Object ID




Not sure what else can be done.

1) SELECT * FROM cscart_seo_names WHERE type='p' AND object_id=132

The 132 comes from your error message above.

I would also do:

2) SELECT * FROM cscart_products where product_id=132;
3) SELECT * FROM cscart_product_options_inventory WHERE product_id=132

If #1 returns rows and either of the other two return rows leave things alone and report the issue.

If #1 returns rows and either of the other two do NOT return rows, then delete the rows that do exist.

If #1 does not return any rows then report the issue in bug tracker.

In my experience this is a left over from having installed demo data at some point and probably having removed it manually or old bugs where the seo_name entries were not deleted.

Though I'm not sure why on an export it would find objects that do not exist. Maybe they've been reused by your other products.

Looks like the second option is working, after I delete the product that it finds, which is from the demo store the export continues to 200 products. It keeps find same errors but for different demo store products. Is there anyway to delete all demo products fully?

Looks like I was able to locate all of them by filtering the product_id column and deleting the unrecognized demo products :)