Cs-cart data field

hello guys

do you know where is category field on SERVER DB.

category field and category seo. i want transfer those things from direclty db

Category field?

What exactly are you trying to get? If just the Category ID and SEO name, you can get both from the cscart_seo_names table.

thanks so much for your reply i found —i was transfer cateroies

-----------------------other issue.

cs-cart system is like this categories 3000 * lanaguges10 == 30,000 categories on db table.

so it makes slower… sepcailly sub categories and deatal product page to open (loading)

do you have good solution?


SERVER i5 3.4ghz ,8gb/ram 128ssd

Do you have the database type set up as mysqli? It makes some difference, although not majorly in my experience.

There are lots of factors which influence the page load times so without seeing your site, only the basic optimisations can be advised, such as:

In config.local.php

js_compression = true

join_css = true

That will help somewhat, but really, you would need to supply details of your site and confirm some details on the PHP modules installed on your server. If you have SQLite3 module installed, you could also try changing the cache type (in config.local.php) to sqlite.