CS Cart - customizing themes

it’s not very easier in a first time, (I’m working on 1 month 1/2 ago now) because you must learn,how modify the tpl with smarty. You have a lot of files includes other tpl as function to display price etc… Now if you want just few customise your design, you can do it with the css files. But when you become a master, i think you can do everything with cs-cart.

[quote name=‘Unregistered’]How easy is it to customize CS Cart look and feel to fit an existing design?[/QUOTE]

To me that is easy… view of CS-Cart is completely CSS based (no tables and ugly code); therefore, you can tweak the solution the way you like. There might be some difficulties with blocks, but, once you understand how those work you’ll be able to get any skin done.

Check cs-cart templates we’ve done so far

Great skins!

I planning to install CS-Cart and i need somebody to change the template for me.