Cs-Cart Customer Support

Dear CS-Cart Users,

Alt-team has launched the new service CS-Cart Customer Support.

We have noted that a lot of CS-Cart owners, who launch an online store for the first time, find it difficult to set up their first online store or to understand all CS-Cart features and functionality. Also, there is a problem with how to explain their CS-Cart customization ideas to the developer in writing. It's easy for newbies to explain their store ideas in a voice.

An individually appointed manager will help you to adapt to CS-Cart and configure the store. It can be chat messaging or calls in zoom. You choose the type of cooperation. Please remember that every video call is scheduled in advance.

Price: USD 1000/ 40 hours

Be aware it's not technical support.

We can't fix your website within this service in an urgent situation. Buy the Dedicated Developer

Contact us if you have more questions on VIP Customer Care support service for CS-Cart stores.

A vote for the Alt team from me, I have used them for over 10 years an dhave nothing but praise.


we updated the price for our CS-Cart Customer Support service. We had to do it to be able to provide our clients with highly qualified support in any problems concerning CS-Cart features and functionality.

Please contact us if you need our help or have any questions about our CS-Cart Customer Support service.

Best regards,