CS Cart copy?

Hi I see there is another site selling store scripts like cs cart here


Is this the same developers?

WOW! That’s just sad people would actually take the time to do this.

Would have felt pretty bad if I were to actually have not known about cs-cart and have bought from them thinking they were the makers of the cart.

Nice copy of cs-cart 1.3.5 sp3. Ha ha eps-cart???:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

In the live store forget to change the favicon…:wink:

I know, Cs-cart permits re-branding. of course, special prices and payments needed.

Ask it, cs-cart stuff. may be 10.000$ enough for it :slight_smile:

job may be done within 3-5 minute only. Find “CS-cart” and “replace” in all files. ( *.php, *.sql, *.tpl…)



I am glad I am not their customer :slight_smile:

the lowdown is eps-cart is an official reseller of cs-cart and this has been confirmed by cs…so anyways I still don’t know why someone would go through the trouble of re-painting an already working wheel…

Well … guess I’m on the opposite fence from the most of you.

I’m not affiliated in any way, but rebranding and building your own reputation and community make total sense from a marketing perspective. If you want to be a reseller, you’ve got a lot of work to do to distinguish yourself from the ‘genuine article’, otherwise you are little more than an advertiser for CS-Cart. Why would someone buy CS-Cart from you when they can go to the source? This allows them to distinguish themselves as a unique entity, distance themselves from any potential negatives they may perceive, and stand a good chance of making a pretty good dollar.

Only reason I wouldn’t consider such a move is I’m not prepared to handle the technical support side of things …

Thais is my thought as well on support but now it may be a cluster for cs cart if known issues from everyone or just that personal touch they offer. I have been using cs cart for years and still love the 1.3.4 version which works well for my customers.

hmm. your 1.3.4 site ready to robot attack. ( no image verification …)

What does robot attack mean

Basically, a Brute Force Attack is an automated method of using lists of user names and passwords in every possible combination until a valid pair is discovered.

a program which sends thousands passwords to find your users passwords.

a program which sends 1000 contact us messages to you.

a program which sends least 10000000 registration messages to you.