CS Cart compare to interspire.com

[quote name=‘Unregistered’]hi all

i am thinking about getting this cart

has anyone actually had the interspire cart before getting this cart system?

please elaborate. it seems like an awesome cart system.

there is one feature i like about interspire cart. that i do not see here in this cart

it is when you start to do a search. then the product automatically populates in the search field.

you can see the example in the interspire cart demo.

please help . i am very close to making a purchase.

thank you all.[/QUOTE]


I already have Interspire but some things I did not like him (see list below)

  • The translation of it is through a file that is not in UTF-8 (at least that I remember) what makes a translation for your language / language of the client.

  • The fact that in his administration have the option to “Remember my details” worries me because in virtual store and have a rough automatic login for that seems more secure control of a computer with automatic login.

  • The customization of the CS-Cart is better than Interspire.

  • The price is much better (not counting the upgrades / updates)

  • The support of the CS-Cart is better, because due to it working only with Virtual Store may have a greater attention to detail and customer service (and everything that depends on the size of the company more’m comparing with Interspire)

  • The Checkout system CS-Cart is faster and reliable than the Interspire.

  • The standard templates of the CS-Cart is better than the Interspire

  • The look of the CS-Cart is more clean than the Interspire

  • Among other things

    The real story behind the Interspire Shopping Cart is that it shows a more corporate look and function more attractive, be more when talking about how the client will use the system for shopping in your store is not an impressive thing is not simple gives voltade to always use the system to purchase.

    Anyway … I am not really an expert in CS-Cart, more by what I see he is a great system to a virtual store, and what you want you can ask it here in the forum to be imprementado later, suggestions are always welcome and also many people who can help here in forum with their first steps in the system.




Here is a forum post which may be helpful to you:


Good Luck :wink: