Cs-Cart Checkout - Difficult For New Customers

I am a small business owner who has decent knowledge of the design and function of
websites (I operate 3 of them). My 3 current sites use shopping cart software different
from CS- Cart. Checkout on these sites is easy and intuitive for new customers.

I have been working on a new store that will use CS-Cart software for 5 years.
Just about finished but after 1000's of hours or work, I am really disappointed
by the CS Cart Checkout flow. (We are using the newest version of CS-CART)

Please offer any solutions

In testing our store new today, we tried checking out as a new customer.

We tried this 2 ways (with anonymous checkout enabled and disabled).

1. With anonymous checkout enabled - Overall this format looks OK.
e would like to use this format for new customer checkout but make it mandatory
that they enter a password (so it would no longer be anonymous)
Customers would use this page to register their new account.

(Our customers will not enter a password once the order is placed)

2. With anonymous checkout disabled - This is a mess. The customer must register on a new page
filling in a few fields, then return to the view cart page (should do this automatically but the cart does not), then press checkout again, then fill in more fields. Customer will get confused and leave the site.

Does anyone offer a custom modification (like suggested in option 1) so our new customers have a more clear and concise checkout like we have on other shopping cart programs on our current websites?