CS-Cart Charges

I have been with CS-Cart since its release, supporting them at the time helping to get their product going as a customer. For this my licence is one of life time so upgrades are included.

In their early releases they didn’t provide a credit card payment gateway for my Westpac bank here in Australia so I paid them to create it and it used the Westpac “Web Advantage” payment system. They then included that in their product default for their other customers. Along the way, Westpac started offering a 2nd payment processing product called PayWay as a 2nd choice for their customers so low and behold, CS-Cart changed the processor in the default product for Westpac from Web Advantage to PayWay.

I have continued to use the gateway file that I paid them to create and that they included in the early product after all, I paid them to create it.

Now, going to v4.0.3 the payment processor file doesn’t work and PayWay is not an option as it costs a lot more. CS-Cart have said that I have to pay them again to update the file that I paid them for early on.

It is just one file and so much for supporting them when they were trying to get going and now having to pay them again I am very bitter about this.

I wonder about every other addon that their customers pay them to create, at their exhorbatant prices whether the customer would be left short changed in a year or two. I also wanted them to create a bridge for CS-Cart to Xenforo forums and they quoted me around $1,500 so I am very glad I have held off that one…not impressed at all CS-Cart!!! it’s just editing one little file

I understand where you are coming from. I couldn't use the Westpac integration because it wasn't compatible with their new system when I tried to get it all going.

This cart has been buggy for me ever since I upgraded from the 2.x.x to the 3.0.x range. I had no problems with 2.x.x and now I am having no end of troubles with database errors and other random problems of the cart.

Heck I cant even upgrade it to 4.x.x because it just bugs out no matter what I try.

I would not recommend this cart to anybody. CS-Carts buggy tools stuffed my database up and I have to pay each time they have to fix the problems their crap software created in the first place. I think this cart is a joke.

On top of all that, the service is rubbish. It takes them weeks to fix simple problems.

I have a private server so I am going to take a look at Magento and see if its better now than it was a few years ago.