CS-Cart blog is opened


As many of you might have noticed, CS-Cart has recently opened its official blog at http://blog.cs-cart.com.

We plan to highlight the most curious CS-Cart features and their practical use cases, as well as some general news, tips and tricks which may be useful for online store owners.

Still, we would be very grateful for your feedback, since our goal is to cover topics according to your interests.

What would you like to see in the new CS-Cart blog? Please, share your thoughts with us!

Good to hear and see. I would like to see some new daily information about SEO and how to tuneup csc and some new features on csc. :slight_smile:

Very cool. It would be a good idea to let others or guests submit articles regarding cs-cart as well. I could submit some of my tutorials when I get them going. :smiley:

[COLOR=“Black”]miracles[/COLOR], thank you for your ideas, that is actually what we planned to cover in this blog. CS-Cart’s features are our main topic while SEO, marketing and other ecommerce-related subjects will be present too.

CSCartSkins, guest posts is a great idea and they are always more than welcome :).

I will post some graphics for webdesign on blog.

[quote name=‘miracles’]I will post some graphics for webdesign on blog.[/QUOTE]

That would be terrific! By the way, please, feel free to get in touch with us via blog@cs-cart.com should you have any materials to offer for publication. We’d be really grateful for your activity!

Is there anyway to make my own topic on blog, so i can share something.

[quote name=‘miracles’]Is there anyway to make my own topic on blog, so i can share something.[/QUOTE]

The thing is that the blog works a little different than the forum. In order to publish something, you need to send it to us via email for consideration. In case we’re interested in your article (and I’m almost sure this will be so), we will publish it mentioning your name as a guest writer. This is how most blogs work, actually.

Would you please send an article you propose to blog@cs-cart.com?

I read the first few articles, very cool. I can’t wait to see more :slight_smile: