Cs-cart affiliate program

Hello! Our company has started a cs-cart affiliate program. Now you can earn money by selling cs-cart templates and addons.


[]Minimum commission payment is $20.

]Life span of customer cookie (days) is 60 days. That means that the visitors that come to us from affiliate’s site are traced for 60 days.

[]Payout sales are made twice a month: from 5th to 10th and from 20th to 25th of each month.

]Payout method is PayPal. Also for some individual webmasters we can offer moneybookers.


For the best Affiliates we offer an increase in commissions on an individual basis.

Register in our affiliate program and start earning money!

If there are some webmasters from Russia, we can use webmoney to pay through our affiliate system!

Hah, I should have signed up for this a long time ago. I've definitely sent a few people your way for your addons. Oh well.



brandonvd, now if you send people to our addons you will get commission!

Sweet, I actually have a client that needs to purchase one of your addons. Actually, I'll make the purchase for them on my account. Do I get to earn money off of my own purchases? Hah, that would be super cool.



I know we bought an add on upon recommendation from Brandon.

Hi, BrandonVD and Clips!

According to our Affiliate Program you need to register as an Affiliate and to place the link to our products on your website or just give this link to people that want to buy. If somebody buys something in our store using your link, you get the commission.

If you want to get commission from your own purchases, please check our Reseller Program.

We welcome new affiliates and to most active we can raise the affiliate commission!

Earn money by selling cs-cart templates and addons!