CS cart Affiliate problem

Question 1 :

I have a testing account for affiliate but the status always being awaiting for approval , when i use the admin to login and want click the ’ change’ , the status still awaiting approval.

does anything wrong in my procedure?

Or please give me the right steps on how to approve a affiliate member’s application?

Question 2.

i have set up a range of affilite product, but how did the affilate find those affiliate product and where to get the affiliate link to promote ?

Thank you,


To approve them do this:

  1. Click to affiliates tab
  2. Click on affiliates in sub menu
  3. Check the box next to the affiliate you want to approve
  4. Click the Choose action drop down (next to save)
  5. Select Approve Selected.
  6. Type in your reason
  7. Click Proceed.

    It instantly approves, then sends the affiliate an email confirming their approval