Cs-Cart Addons Paid Code

It is news to me that cs-cart has got rid of all paid addons work, they no longer do it. From now on company called Simtechdev does all paid customizations and addons.

Asked them to update the mod they done earlier, and they asked for the update more then I paid in first place. Somehow all this does not feel to be fair.

This new company can use source code for the mod done earlier, but no moral duty to help customer do transit to most up to date cart verios at fair logical price.

It's just the CS-Cart Custom Development team operating under a different name. They have always been priced much higher than equally talented developers and quick to point out that something was not in the agreed upon project scope but that it can be done for an additional amount.

You can have anyone of the other developers take a look at your addon and obtain a reasonable quote to update it.

That's the thing, people are same maybe even premises are same but operate under new name so they would not have any obligations. Surly I will get this work done, just wanted to share with others that if you spend 150$ on some very tiny stupid mod that should be available by default, developers will change code so letter a will be A, then you will spend 175$ for upgrading mod for transition in between newer cart version. Why the heck not to change code every day, this guarantees tons of incomes…

PS if anyone up for a job or maybe such project already available please let me know.

Project is to exclude user group from being able to use particular payment method. Say I got registered people and some promoted to wholesale user group. When such person is signed in he is not able to see payment methods I do not want him to see.

This can be achieved with default configuration. Were registered customers are moved in to some group1 and wholesalers in group2 but mod I got from cs-cart was far more convenient solution.

I would check with alt-team. They have done a good job for us.