Cs-Cart Addon Store Not What I Needed Help Please

I have added an addon store to my original version of cs-cart, it is not working for me at all, I do not have the ability to change what I need changed.

i.e. if the original store is free post, no options in the 2nd store etc

I am able to only have one ebay outlet, and actually require the 2 outlets for my 2 ebay stores.

Also because I have a theme, both stores have to have the same look which is also not working.

My problem is I have now products to both storefronts and products from the 2nd store front transferred to ebay.

Am I able to change all the products back to the original store without any issues anywhere ?

Then I would actually like to purchase a stand alone cs-cart for the 2nd store, but transfer all the dual products across if possible.

Has anyone actually done this ? Or can anyone let me know of any pitfalls before I create havoc with my stores.

Thank you in advance