Cs-Cart-Accounting-Reward Points-Points Earned Per Product

We have issue in Points earnd per product, the value of the reward points are not consistent with the PER, hope someone could help.

1. The calculation of The setting is not tally with the Points Exchange Rate (PER - the number of points equal to 1 conventional unit) in the Reward Points add-on.

In the example below, if 10 PER = 1 conversion unit, this means 10 reward points are required to convert to $1 (1 point = $0.10) in the shopping cart. The user needs 149 points to pay for the order worth $14.9 under 10 PER = 1 conversion rate.

However, if the vendor offers 10% reward points based on the global Points earn per product under marketing, the user will gain 1 point based on the product price of $14.90 (instead of the actual 1.49 points); in this calculation, the 1 point earned from this order should be equal to $1.49 base on 10% of $1.49. Theoretically, the user should buy the same product for only 10 points in the subsequent order, but it required 149 based on PER value.

Global setting for Point earned per product

Vendor Product setting for Price in points and Points earned per product

Illustration for the value of points according to PER

Illustration for Price in points according to PER & inconsistency of Reward Points offered by the vendor

The PER value should be tally with the percentage of reward points offered by any vendor. For example, if the PER is 100 = $1, then the formula of 10% reward points from any vendors should be 10% x Product price x PER value.

Using the above illustration, 10% reward points = 10% x $14.9 x 100 = 149 points, in this way 149 points will worth $14.9; then this value is tally with PER 100 = $1.

The default cs-cart calculation is very confusing and might affect the concersion rate.

Kindly advice.