CS-Cart 5 (CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Enterprise) info, release?


  1. Do you have any news about release of CS-Cart 5 (CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Enterprise)?
    here was mentioned: “We are planning to release Enterprise in the second half of 2022”
    CS-Cart 5 (CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Enterprise) FAQ and Comparison with CS-Cart 4 | eCommerce Blog on Running an Online Marketplace
  2. What will happen with actual cs cart will it stop at a moment in future and it will be taken by CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Enterprise?
  3. Do they follow separated roads or their roads will meet up at a moment?
  4. If they move different roads what are their common elements?
  5. Can we migrate data from one to another?
  6. If we have a license for cs cart multivendor can we use that and upgrade to CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Enterprise
    7.Do you intend to use them in parallel for undefined time? Or do you have a time in mind when you want to stop actual ones and continue with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Enterprise


There are many questions, but I’ll try to answer them together. I won’t be able to go into too much detail. But we are planning to update the info about Multi-Vendor Enterprise at our website soon enough.

Now, to the answer itself:

We originally referred to Enterprise as CS-Cart 5 (because of the scope of changes in it), but that’s no longer the case. They ended up being different products, with different audiences in mind.

  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is like “a pre-built house you can move into” — a feature-rich marketplace platform that you can quickly customize for yourself, even without involving developers.

  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Enterprise is like “a foundation for a skyscraper” — lacking some of the features that our customers have come to expect, and with higher launch costs (you’ll need a team of developers). But for those who find these limitations acceptable, Enterprise offers cutting-edge technology stack.

As separate products, Multi-Vendor and Multi-Vendor Enterprise not only have separate audiences, but also roadmaps and the teams developing them. Will they ever converge? I won’t say “never”, but I can say “not in the foreseeable future”.

The benefit of this approach is that if you own Multi-Vendor, you’ll receive updates and new features as usual — nothing has changed in that regard. And because Multi-Vendor Enterprise isn’t replacing Multi-Vendor, data migration doesn’t seem a priority (but I think it is being considered).

And a lot of what we said in the blog article about CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Enterprise still applies today. Perhaps except for the release date (but with products like Enterprise, it is a more fluid thing).