CS-Cart 4 upgrade advice - design/template

I need some advice on upgrading CS-Cart 3-4. Since CS-Cart 3 themes aren't compatible with V4 (and don't seem to import, I tried it), what is the best way forward in terms of upgrading CS-Cart and the design at the same time?

My plan is to install V4 and do an initial import, then have the designer work on the template, then when complete merge the changed database tables and the files from V3. Would this work?

It looks like the cscart_bm_* tables are the design tables, so the merging shouldn't be too difficult. Has anyone tried this?

Or can someone suggest a better way?

Thank you!

So I wrote to CS-Cart for advice, and this is the way to go with one fantastic clarification from them - using the 'Actualize Data' button on the store import tool actually rewrites everything except for the settings and design. So import to v4, do your design changes and then actualize the data and you're good to go. No manually working with the db.

I had missed the actualize data section at the bottom of this page:


Note there are limitations in 'Actualize Data'. If you change the Store Name after the Store Import, or any store settings - or a bunch of other 'settings' - you can no longer 'Actualize' the data, you can only start a Store Import from scratch. My advice…build a template and layout for your V4 store and then once you are completely happy with it, complete a Store Import before going live with the V4 store. Don't keep trying to 'Actualize' data - eventually you'll inadvertently change a setting somewhere and the software won't allow you to Actualize any more, only a Store Import from scratch. Very annoying I must say.

^sounds like a good tip. Would you recommend running the Store Import, and then import the V4 Template right before going live with the new version?