CS-Cart 4.18.1 problems after upfrading

Hi all

to use the backend is chnaged to much and does not work and no menu to find anything now
this major changes in the backend ? and cant upgrade to new version either ssl error on upgrade page

It’s more than likely a problem with your local server environment rather than the CS-Cart software. We updated a few weeks ago and it’s been working fine. The backend UI has changed quite a bit, but it only takes a few minutes to find out where everything has been moved to.


same cs cart server from one of thier providers
bad back end chnages and not make sence to chnage so many things in backend and menus all missing
you been warned to not update and lucky its not a website i used much that i tested update on

for sure all is fine is site and is problem in that upgrade and cant find how to revert back even in backend

Does your server environment meet all the requirements?
It seems that your problems are unique to you. If this upgrade was really problematic, I feel like this forum would have many more posts about it from many different users.

only been using cs cart for 10 years +
others either not updated to latest so not having this issue
maybe you have new builld of this version setup in server and not been upgrading from older ones to it

sooner or later will hear news for those that update older to newer and cannot see anything in backend life before and thus will be stuck

as ai said i did on a testing website not so important and not risk updating others

We’ve been using CS-Cart for our company web site since 2019, so this will be 15 years. This is not a new install. We’ve simply been upgrading our existing install for years.

Please contact us via Help Desk regarding this issue and we will try to help you.

resolved as an addon that was not compatible and now back end menu shows fine and can get back to work

thanks agian Cs cart Team


Great to hear! Glad you are up and running again.