Cs cart 4.0.1 ultimate

How to disable the speed up tool for css,js in cs cart 4.0.1 ultimate??

Hello Nithu,

You can disable the js files unification with the " 'dev_js' => true" string in the “config.local.php” file. But, unfortunately, there is no way to disable the same function for css files.

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Thanks for your reply and I disabled the js files compilation in that file.

Then I inspect my templates using firebug but I can't find the css file path & line no for my reference, Is it any solution for find this??



You don't really need to know where the CSS is coming from. Just create the styles you want to add/change/override in the my_changes CSS or LESS files and that will do what you want.

You only need to know the class or id which you can get from firebug as you have been.


Okay…Thanks for your response


It is possible to disable unification css styles ?


Robert Diak.

Not that I'm aware of. Seems you'd have to add your own hook to main.tpl in the header and name it something like

{hook name=“index:my_header_links”}{/hook}

or something to be able to add link tags for your css.

I think they should have left this an option so people could include script and link tags after the standard css is included.

Separate stylesheets can actually be a big win from a performance standpoint in that after first load, you can rely on the browser cache and be able to update small files without having to reload all the css that was ever created. The hit only comes on 1st load and it's not all that big of a hit to load logically separate files. What's good for the goose is not always good for the gander.