cs-cart 3.0.1 display product variants on tables plus shipping by categories

Hello I need help with products variants on cs-cart ver 3.0.1

What I am trying to do is to display products variants on table as you can see on the attached picture have anyone accomplish this or is it possible to accomplish or it is not possible to do something like this mostly what I want is for each product variants to have it own add to cart buttom and quantity field plus a wish list button too

also I was wondering if it is possible to create an addon for shipping

what I mean is this I'll be selling yu-gi-oh cards

and I want to charge 2.95 for shipping yugioh single cards (as many single cards they buy from me) U.S.A

4.95 for shipping yugioh booster boxes(as many booster boxes they buy from me) U.S.A

and if a costumer chooses both single cards and booster boxes I want to charge them 5.95 intead of adding both shipping charges

please anyone let me know if these two projects are possible to do any help will be highly appreciated


product variants table.png

I had Alt-Team code me something like this but it is for V2 not V3.

Maybe you should contact them

Does any one knows if these two addons are possible to do if they are please pm mewith a quote or if is something that I cand do please help me get started on this project thanks