CS-Cart 1.3.4 SP2

We’d like to announce that CS-Cart 1.3.4 service pack 2 is released along with the upgrade kit for 1.3.3-sp2, 1.3.4 and 1.3.4 versions.

Also, Store Manager, version 1.1 is available now.

here is the Changelog for sp2:

[+] - new feature/improvement

[*] - functionality changes
[!] - bugfix

Version 1.3.4-sp2 (Dec 05 2006)

[+] Batch newsletter send added to avoid problems with script timeouts.
[+] The ability to display taxed price next to base one is added.
[+] GiftReg: if several similar products added to giftreg wishlist, their amounts summ now.

[*] FedEx rates calculation is improved.
[*] SEO rewriter is improved.
[*] Default sorting for CMS pages corrected for customer area.
[*] Minor HTML code improvements.

[!] Several fields in multiple products update weren't escaped. Fixed.
[!] Page encoding passed wrongly. Fixed.
[!] Pagination was set to 10 post per page for all discussion types. Fixed.
[!] A wrong link on customer info page deleted on commissions page in partner back-end.
[!] Root pages weren't shown if no root topics were defined. Fixed.
[!] Root topics weren't shown if no root pages were defined. Fixed.
[!] Misspelling in the quickbooks option name. Fixed.
[!] Pay & Read payment module syntax error. Fixed.
[!] Manufacturers "more" link wasn't rewritten with SEO addon. Fixed.
[!] Global option availability couldn't be edited. Fixed.
[!] When "track without options" was selected and product has the options - zero inventory displayed. Fixed.
[!] Option modifier weren't stored in order details. Fixed.