CS-Cart 1.3.3 RC3

CS-Cart version 1.3.3 RC3 is now available for download from your Help Desk area!



[+] - new feature/improvement

[] - functionality changes

[!] - bugfix


[+] Ability to create/edit order is added.

[+] Reporting tool is added.

[+] Multicurrency feature is added.

[+] Logging functionality is added

[+] Global options and ability to upload images for option combinations are added.

[+] Ability to set privileges for membership levels (for admin area) is added (role-based access to admin area).

[+] Froogle / Google base export is added.

[+] Ability to use email as login is added.

[+] Ability to create thumbnails automatically from detailed images (GDlib) is added.

[+] ProtxDirect and ProtxForm payment processors are added.

[+] HSBC payment processor is added.

[+] eNETS payment processor is added.

[+] Metacherge (MCPE) payment processor is added.

[+] Tax registration number is added to invoice and order details pages.

[+] Ability to set “hidden” flag is added to product features.

[+] Search by product ID is replaced with search by product code.

[+] When no valid coupons are found, mainbox for applying coupon is hidden.

[+] If anonymous checkout is disabled and user profiles should be approved by administrator - unlogged customer is not allowed to go to customer infomation page.

[+] Credit card number is cleaned up from spaces and dashes now.

[+] Bulk order printing is opened in a new window now.

[+] Ability to set transaction type (authentication and capture or authentication only) for AuthorizeNet is added.

[+] Pagination is improved - page ranges are selected from selectbox now.

[+] Ability to send files through forms created through Form builder is added.

[+] Ability to upload SQL dump from local computer, server and URL is added.

[+] Ability to set number of pages per pass for html catalog generation is added.

[+] Ability to remove credit card data from orders is added.

[+] Ability to set ‘container’ to “None” for USPS priority mail and USPS express mail is added.

[+] Ability to use javascript-based pagination is added.

[+] Database export format is set to be compatible with mysql 3.x.x.

[+] Checking for zipcode format is added for USA and Canada.

[+] Tracking number field is added to order object.

[+] Tracking number, returned by FedEx is stored in order.

[+] HTTPS detection script is added. Now https checking is centralized.

[+] Secure connection is used only for checkout and payment notifications now.

[+] Position field for shipping methods is added.

[+] Amount of the selected option combinations in inventory is displayed on product details page.

[+] Checking for curl availability and ssl support is added to some payment methods and UPS.

[+] Account type, membership fields are hidden for root administrator (uid == 1)

[+] Ability to highlight option on Settings page is added.

[+] Customer notes are added to invoice sent by email.

[+] If customer is not logged in and tries to see the order, he’ll be redirected to login form and after that to order page.

[+] Cookie storage domain is changed to avoid problems with domain prefixes.

[+] Most templates in administrator area revised and brought to xhtml standarts.

[+] Skin repository is moved into var directory.

[+] Checking for ability of accepting gzip encoding is added before calling ob_gzhanler.

[+] New option: ability to show javascript-based or php-based list of categories on categories management page is added.

[+] Product import is improved. Ability to import any fields from cscart_products and cscart_product_descriptions tables is added.

[+] Payment processor parameters are stored in payment methods table to allow to create multiple payment methods with the same processors.

[+] Ability to upload csv file for product import from local computer, server and URL is added.

[+] Ability to define float cost and weight for shipping charges is added.

[+] Ability to define value of secret key to encrypt orders is added to installation procedure.

[+] Ability to select type of product search (with temporary tables or not) is added to settings.

[+] Discounts are displayed in multicolumn templates now.

[+] Product import is improved to handle large amount of product.

[+] Checking for ability to redirect to https location is added (to avoid hang ups).

[+] Checking for curl version is adapted for php 5+.

[+] Example of setting up host and path is added to config.php file.

[+] Memory limit is increased during database installation to avoid problems with some buggy php versions.

[+] Checking for existing tables during database installation is added to installer.

[+] Discounts and options exception functionality are added to wishlist.

[+] Logic of assignment features for the product is improved.

[+] Customer is redirected to http location after checkout now.

] Checking for selected orders for bulk printing is added.

[] Product reviews template is brought to xhtml standarts.

] html code in demo skin panel is brought up to xhtml standarts.

[] The algorithm of calculation product option combinations is improved.

] Email addresses for news subscribers are validated now.

[*] Changes in template editor to avoid errors while using quotes in filenames.

[!] “Change file permissions” window always showed permissions of the first selected file. Fixed.

[!] Images were not deleted during product or category deletion if located on file system. Fixed.

[!] When uploading file via URL(and URL is dynamic (http://site.com/image.php?id=5)), file was not uploaded. Fixed.

[!] SQL error appeared when trying to update list of forms on “Form builder” page. Fixed.

[!] When change order status, invoice displayed incorrect status. Fixed.

[!] Form description and “after-submit” text ARE updated for all languages at once. Fixed.

[!] Newsletters were sent to all users if sending by period was selected. Fixed.

[!] Transaction ID was not stored in the order after processing via Paypal PRO. Fixed.

[!] When updating reviews for the certain product, user was redirected to all reviews list. Fixed.

[!] Pagination did not work for user list in administrator area. Fixed.

[!] When updating the product, its positions in categories were wiped out. Fixed.

[!] Bug. If a new order (which was not viewed by administrator) was deleted, its record was not deleted from new_orders tables. Fixed.

[!] Server file browser + IE. If page contained selectboxes, they were not displayed after the file was selected. Fixed.

[!] Selected language was resetted when redirecting to https connection. Fixed.

[!] If 2 different shipping services were enabled, only 1 was calculated. Fixed.

[!] First product was deleted from export scheme during export. Fixed.

[!] All discounts defined for users were applied to unlogged customer. Fixed.

[!] UPS calculator returned array instead of string if no rates were calculated. Fixed.

[!] If option exceptions were defined, no modifiers were displayed. Fixed.

[!] Topics table broke up if there were more that 1 topic. Fixed.

[!] When adding product to cart from a wishlist default options were set instead of theselected. Fixed.

[!] Product search failed if no checkboxes were ticked off and no search string was entered. Fixed.

[!] Product taxes were not unset from the product. Fixed.

[!] Secondary categories were not set when adding a new product.

[!] Taxes were not set when adding a new product.

[!] Modificator for all checkbox options was cleaned up when adding new checkbox option for product. Fixed.

[!] Two customer’s first names were displayed in product review if it was submitted by logged in customer. Fixed.

[!] SQL error occurred when cart contained deleted products. Fixed.

[!] If page was disabled (“avail” field is unchecked), it was shown in customer area anyway. Fixed.

[!] AuthorizeNet: order status missed if response was not received from gateway. Fixed.

[!] If miltiple profiles option was enabled, switching between profiles in administrator area always redirected to administrator account. Fixed.

[!] Javascript errors appeared when trying open/close visual html editor in opera. Fixed.

[!] If default sorting for product list was set to price - error occurred during html catalog generation. Fixed.

[!] If inventory tracking was enabled and negative amount in inventory was allowed, it was impossible to add to cart more products that in inventory. Fixed.

[!] Country list on form created with form builder showed all countries even if some of them were disabled. Fixed.

[!] If category had thumbnail and detailed image - the second one was shown on category page. Fixed.


uploading now… Will be testing today.

Ditto for me…installing it now.

Testing now

Wow, what a great changelog! I would be testing it out but for the last week I’ve not been able to access FTP because of problems with my ISP :frowning:

Is this one ok for live site or should we still wait to final I did not see the warning like RC2 not to install it.

EDIT: Never mind I see there is still the warning in the helpdesk… Any idea on the stable version yet?

One question, did groups for like color, size and such make it in to 1.3.3 I was told it would be in there but don’t see it in the list there.

[quote name=‘vortech’]One question, did groups for like color, size and such make it in to 1.3.3 I was told it would be in there but don’t see it in the list there.[/QUOTE]

We’ve simplified this functionality a little - it’s possible to add global product options and then link or copy them to the products.

[quote name=‘zeke’]global product options[/QUOTE]

Thanks Zeke, works great. I still have a problem when logging into admin I get kicked back out with the “denied access” message, it appears to be a session error but I don’t know for sure, the other problems related to MySQL 5+ appear to have been resolved.

One bug I noticed, when trying to place a phone order (create an order from the backend) and i try to look for customers (in case of repeat customer) the search does not retrieve any results. I tried searching by the city, zip, name - using Customer, Customer setting. Please confirm if it’s a bug or what…

Thank you

Hi guys

I found a bug with trying to place an order from the backend. When searching for an existing customer (Customer, Customer) using the backend demo, cs-cart failed to locate a customer. Please respond.


Just checked and found all customers :). Please be sure that state and country fields are set to needed values.

Hi Zeke,

Thank you. It does work indeed. Apparently it was the state that was set by default for some reason that I did not take into consideration.


I have too found this bug annoying that it defaults to states when it shoudl be blank.

I made this comment to zeke the day of the release…its not a bug perse , just bad design.

Hi Zeke

I was just trying to create options for my product. I need 4 options - 75ml, 250ml, 1000ml and 1000ml with pump

What happens is that the options work great without inventory tracking with options enabled. As soon as I enable the inventory tracking with options and click on edit inventory numbers and then add all four options with different quantities on hand using the “Add New” button it can only handle two options. The other two just vanish as non-existent.

When I create a global option and link it to this product and follow the same steps - I can only add up to 3 options. What is this weird stuff???

I also would like to have different SKUs for different options. Althought the latter is less important then the bug that I referred to.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Also it does not account for the weight of options - the “x” used to give me a field for weight for each option as well as a sku.

Imagine a situation - I sell a bag of rice in 10 lbs, 25lbs, 50lbs, 100lbs

The price for each is different, and so is the weight.

How do i go around it?

I do not want to create a bunch of the same products for customers to get confused. It is easier to click on a bag of rice - then select its size and then get a shipping quote in real time depending on the weight of that particular option.

PS I’m not selling rice LOL just an example

Please post these in the Bug tracker, under Feature/Requests…

Very valuable points made.