Cron Returns 'access Denied'

Trying to run the cron script that is specified by the software for the Google Products data file export and it report Access denied

php /path/to/cart/admin-xyz.php --dispatch=exim.cron_export --cron_password=MYPASS --switch_company_id=0

Yes, I specified the proper path and set the cron password in the string and in the admin.

Any ideas?

I also can not get the FTP upload for the google products to work either. The ftp parameters are entered and verified in a command prompt, yet cs-cart fails and there is no specific error msg I can find. Probably has something to do with configuring PHP to allow FTP, but there is no guidance I can find.


Please make sure that your command contains actual cron password instead of MYPASS

Actually, there appears to be a bug in the script.

The script will only accept the password=MYPASS

If you change it to anything else in admin, it gives an access denied.

MYPASS123 fails
MYPASSabc fails
MYPASS works.

Just to confirm, the password I am passing on the command line does match what was entered into admin Security settings.


We are 4.13.3

Upon further look, the cron password set in Security Settings says this:

Access key to cron script which sends e-mail notifications of password change.:

If that text is correct, then this password only applies to that one function.

I see no other place in admin, or the Google data export addon where the cron password can be set.

Well, it works for now.

Password for data feeds can be changed in the Data feeds add-on settings