Cron import path wrong?

Is this path that CS cart suggests for cron import correct ?, I am having trouble importing via cron, and have tried many different configurations,
are the spaces supposed to be there too?

I am getting the below error on email from cpanel

Status: 404 Not Found
Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8

No input file specified.

You need to replace /path/to/cart/ to something like php /www/wwwroot… your path to cs-cart instalation folder

thanks yes, sorry I should have said, I have the path to cart in, and working on other cron jobs

My guess is that you have a link to a file for the import and it can’t access it.?

that is a very good point @thetool

this particular site is behind a login to view?? maybe that affects it?

I use login credentials in the link of one of mine. It’s an ftp so it’s something like…

ftp://username:password@rest of link or path