Credit System Needed

I need a credit system that I can use in the backend for my customers. That way when I have to give them a dollar amount credit, I can do it in the backend and it will apply to their account. When they checkout, they can then use that toward the payment of their next order. I don’t want to use the reward point system for this. I want to keep it separate. Also, for my wholesalers, they need to see the credit applied like cash toward the order instead of points for tax purposes.

I need it too !

Why don’t you use

[QUOTE]Home > Discounts and coupons[/QUOTE] in admin panel and create a user discount coupon code with credit amount you prefer? This code can be used in checkout.

This would not work for me. With our business, we run credit cards for them and they get credits all of the time. This would not work because they can only use 1 coupon at a time and they need to be able to use all of their credits when needed. I really think that it would be a great addon to add to the program. That way people who need it can use it and those who do not can not install it. I think you will find allot of people that could use this.

even i am looking for one. maybe any third party addon is available for the same?

with the addon, i could set a credit limit for each user… after a customer makes an order, he requests the admin to confirm his order by using the credit limit… whenever he makes some payment, his credit are added to further make order.

would be great feature for cs-cart…

You guys may want to combine your resources and contact either 1Clue or Cart-Power. I had 1Clue develop a credit type system a long time for the 2.x branch but their is no way it would also work on v4.1.x.

What not reward points? 1 = $1 Thats how we do it anyway.