Credit Card Validation

Hi all,

Is there any basic validation we can have on the checkout page to ensure that people have put at least a valid credit card number in?

People seem to be able to submit the checkout without all the numbers in there, and even with an expired card.

It’s already there. You should see a cm-card_number css class (or similar).

Odd, just tested on the CS-Cart Demo Store as well - and no validation there either, allows 11 digits and expired card to go through...

Really need this to be able to validate the numbers and expiry

This is still a problem. I have just reported this as a bug to CS-CART and am awaiting their reply.

I can see the card validation script: /js/lib/creditcardvalidator/jquery.creditCardValidator.js is loaded on the checkout, but the luhn check isn't being done resulting in lots of orders to my clients sites slipping through with invalid card details due to typos.

In case you stumble across this dated post, it still seems to be relevant with the latest update in Q1 2022. A work-around for 4.14.2SP1 is posted here.